Welcoming Nest Playshops

nest cardGather your friends or clients and have a Welcoming Nest Playshop!  I come with all the goods for each woman to weave and create her own nest.  It’s a fun and delightful way to give birth to one’s own gifts.

Discover and nurture what you are wanting to create next in your life by crafting your very own Welcoming Nest!

A nest is a sacred place to give birth to our dreams, hopes and yearnings.  When we are in the process of welcoming something new in our lives, be it a desire, a relationship, a creative venture, or even a new way to see ourselves – we need to honor and nurture these creations.  At a Welcoming Nest Playshop, you have the opportunity to contemplate and discover what you are wanting to bring forth into the world and to nurture that inspiration by creating a nest – a vessel shaped and weaved by your own hands.  Here, there is grace and inspiration. You are welcoming something precious from your soul; something vulnerable from deep within your core.

As a Martha Beck certified coach, as well as a graduate of Abigail Steidley’s Mind – Body Coach University, I guide women through the two hour playshop to increase clarity and joy by helping them tap into their own soul wisdom as they weave and create.

The playshop can be just a fun space and time to weave with friends for a birthday celebration, baby shower or friendship gathering; or since my specialty is Mind-body soul healing, the playshop can focus on the participants releasing the emotional and physical challenges of daily life to make the shifts they are wanting.  Either way, you and your people go home with your very own handmade nest.

For more information about Mind-body soul coaching and creativity playshops and one on ones, please refer to my site MiriamRacquel.com.

As I continue to weave and nurture my own Welcoming Nests, I look forward to helping you with yours!

Please contact me and let’s set up a time to speak.nest workshop

With deep gratitude,