About the Artist


Many moons ago, images of nests appeared in my mind’s eye during daily meditations.  I got curious about this and decided to explore creating my own.  Slowly I gathered natural materials and began to weave my own nests.

Since then, I’ve crafted hundreds – some for myself that I hang and place around my home and many for friends.  I’ve shared this gift of nest weaving with other women and each one has crafted their own unique Welcoming Nest to bring home and cherish. Each woman places her Welcoming Nest in a special corner of her home to remind herself to nurture and be gentle with her precious self as she welcomes in her desires.

In addition to crafting nests, I’m a writer, mentor and life coach. I’m a Martha Beck certified coach, as well as an endorsed Anamsong Mind-body coach.  I guide busy professional women to hear their soul and body wisdom for a life of health and vibrancy. I also help women experience physical and emotional relief from the aches and pains of daily life to create the shifts they are wanting. Thank you for visiting!

Contact me at miriam@miriamracquel.com or schedule your complimentary Creativity Call here.

With deep gratitude,

Miriam Racquel (Meryl)