Feldman-1Dear Awesome Woman,

What are you wanting to welcome into your life?

A few moons ago, I felt compelled to weave. It wasn’t a tapestry I wanted to weave, but a nest.

Why a nest?

Because a nest is a place of nurturing the future – a sacred place. In Kabbala, the feminine aspect of the Divine presence is referred to as a nest, the Schechina. It is a home for where something precious sleeps and grows strong till it awakens and births.  When we, as humans, are in the process of giving birth to something new, be it a piece of art, a relationship, a child, a home, a business or even a new way to see ourselves – we need to honor and nurture these creations.  Kindness, softness, encouragement, patience, courage, hope and trust are called for.  We are in the process of welcoming something precious from our soul; something vulnerable from deep within our core.  

For me, I was desiring to welcome more kindness into my life. Kindness for myself, kindness for others. I wanted relationship wisdom that helped me draw more kind people into my life and discernment to keep the not- so- kind out.  I wanted a career that revolved around kindness. I wanted a body that felt kind instead of aches and pains. I wanted more joy, vitality and creativity.

I began to weave and weave with the intention of nurturing myself along this path. I’ve crafted hundreds of nests – some for myself that I hang and place around my home and many for friends.  I’ve shared this gift of nest weaving with other women and each one has crafted their own unique Welcoming Nest to bring home and cherish. Each woman places her Welcoming Nest in a special corner of her home to remind herself to nurture and be gentle with her precious self as she welcomes in her desires.

So, what are you wanting to welcome into your life?Nest-70

For a Welcoming Nest Weaving, I have the supplies gathered and mail them straight to your home. With our nest time scheduled, we connect by Zoom for you to weave and craft as I coach you gently through the process. It’s a somatic experience for your mind, body and soul.  Just as a nest is a sacred container for new birth, so is your body a sacred container for your soul – the place where new creation is born from. Through tapping into your emotional energy, you give health to your body and hear sacred wisdom to guide you on your individual journey.

Curious? Please schedule your complimentary Welcoming Call here or email me at miriam@miriamracquel.com. I’d love to answer your questions. You can also learn more about my Somatic Healing and Clarity coaching at MiriamRacquel.com.


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