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Kathy's nest

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I go by the name Miriam Racquel, as well as my nickname Meryl.

“I recently hosted a ‘playshop’ with Meryl and a few friends. Meryl invited us to set an intention before we began weaving our nests. The weaving was very much a meditative process for me as well as fun,  and was very much a nice balance of both.

Most of all, this was a delightful way to slow down and spend time with friends while nurturing myself. I came away from Meryl’s playshop feeling joyful, peaceful, and blessed. When I look at my nest, I see a lovely reminder of that afternoon.

Thank you Meryl!” 

– Kathy, Chicago, Illinois


Since the Welcoming Nest party hosted by my friends on my birthday, I take time each day to visit my nest.  Some days I simply run my finger around the outside of the nest, feeling its soft strings, raffia and ropes entwined in a contradiction of chaotic order.   Other times I stand over the nest and set an intention for the day as I rearrange its contents in an attempt to stimulate its chi.  Every so often I add something to my nest from nature like a forsythia branch or a chive leaf fresh from the garden.  But on special occasions or a nice sunny day, I take my nest with me outdoors and explore creative places for it to bathe in the light.  And in doing so, I nourish mySelf in nature’s lap and all troubles slip quietly away.  Sitting in the sun beside my nest, anything seems possible, almost easy,  Sitting in the sun beside my nest, I welcome the possibilities in. 

I’m very grateful that Meryl’s artful and gentle facilitation style allowed me the space for my nest, and reconnection with nature, to emerge. Thank you Meryl!  
Mary Ashton, Chicago, Illinois

“Building bird nests was the perfect way to celebrate with close women friends.  It was intimate, relaxing, and renewing.  I love my bird nest which I keep on my meditation table.  It reminds me of my intentions I set and the beautiful time we spent together.  I would highly recommend this experience as a special way to bond and grow together with others.

-Mindy, Chicago, Illinois


“Weaving a nest was a very therapeutic, artistic & intuitive experience. I felt like I was nurturing my own soul; my own inner nest developed and formed; a warm and cozy welcoming place to be. When weaving materials, which initially seemed random, slowly formed into meaningful motions of assemblage, I felt excited to see the transformation from disconnected strands to interwoven connections.
Thank you!”

-A.C. , Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

ahuva's nest

 Collage Cafe Playshop and one of the beautiful nests created by one of the participants:


Cancer Wellness Center, Northbrook, Illinois May 19th, 2016

wellness nests